Reason 5: Magda Cheers Me Up When I Want To Pull A Feng Mingshan

The ‘introverted’ Chinese man [Feng Mingshan] who has spent the last 20 YEARS living in a mountain cave 50m above the ground and complete with front door
Behind all the layers of jokes and big dreams is this guy who often wants to slap on a loincloth (I’ve been inspired, don’t even need one of those!) and go find [a nice cave to stare in.]

Side note: Woah! I haven’t looked up this website in like 20 years, but it’s still kicking. Here’s one of the websites I used to study in high school like high schools boys are suppose to be studying Playboy. []

It’s probably why I have such a low tolerance for things. This is what’s in the back of my mind for pretty much any life situation that starts to piss me off.



However much I want to…



I want to be with Magda more (much more). The only thing better than a hermetic life of solitude in a cave, is a not-so-hermetic life of not-solitudely-even-a-little-bit in… an apartment… Well, all that stuff isn’t important, the only thing better is a life with Magda (sleeping, with her nose bent kinda funny).


I’ve been feeling like slapping on a loincloth the last two days. Just writing about Magda made me feel better. 🙂 (I do feel like sleeping in a field of corn for some reason though…)


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