Day 1: My ONE Thing

This is my second 108 session. These 108-day sessions are a result of a personal development system I’m working on. Last year I ran into the idea of setting goals for the quarter instead of by the year. Things went really smoothly when I tested it so I decided to implement it into my system.

I decided using 108 days instead of 90 days for a couple of reason.

  1. 108 is my lucky number.
  2. 108 days work well for diving the year into thirds with 12 or so days to reflect and plan the next session.

Something I’ve learned over the years is that it takes several days to reflect and restructure goals. Usually, a weekend isn’t even enough (for me). I’m going to do three reflections a year and instead of trying to do them in a single weekend I’ll spread them over the course of about two weeks.

The Focus of the Next 108 Days

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Day 14’s ONE Thing: Let My Subconscious Do the Work

Lots of walking. Lots of thinking. I’m excited about beginning the process of digital community building. This will be the first community I build with focus and purpose. Well… focus and purpose not centered on shenanigans anyhow… lol

Lotta walkin'. Lotta snackin'.

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Day 13’s ONE Thing: Research Crowdfunding Part 3

That crowdfunding book I picked up is REALLY good (“A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide: Build a Better Business by Building Community“). It’s written by the guy who Kick-started the game “Tuscany”. Now I’m all pumped about doing one! Right now I’m even more pumped about sleeping… night!

I'm in love with masterful use of space! #tinyhomes

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Day 12’s ONE Thing: Research Crowdfunding (Part 2)

Today went really well. I pretty much burnt myself out researching crowdfunding. I ended with purchasing two books so I can… keep the research going as I travel over the weekend! Sat and Sun will probably be research part 3 and 4! 🙂

Cookies for breakfast like…

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Day 11’s ONE Thing: Research Crowdfunding

I ended up researching everything EXCEPT crowdfunding… >.<

The cookies strike again… lol

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Day 10’s ONE Thing: Investigate Nonprofits

Day 9’s ONE Thing: WRITE!

I got done what I wanted to get done! I didn’t just WRITE!… BUT since the focus was on writing it’s what I kept coming back to. I got my “Sleep Protocol and Guide” to the level I wanted it to be for a first draft. I’ll revisit it later. 🙂

A productive day today!

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Day 8’s ONE Thing: Finalize Emploment and Financial Planning

All systems are go!

Rough day… it's good to have rough days sometimes. 🙂

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