Daoist, Master of Taiji and Flow’er of Life

Casey in from of Sanching Temple

Standing in front of Sanching (三清宮), Taiwan’s largest daoist (taoist) temple.

I’ve been meaning to “reboot” this blog, but I wasn’t sure about the direction I wanted to take. I’ve had a long “career” of doing internet things, but over ten years ago I made a video that struck a chord with the worldwide population of gamers that took my online persona in an unplanned direction. It was a wild ride which I highly enjoyed but, maybe 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted to shift it in a new direction. A direction that was more inline with a guy that I kept out of the public eye. A dude that was silently honing his craft as a daoist master of taiji. My visit to Taiwan’s largest daoist temple last week seemed like a fitting time to commit to the transition.

Understanding Daoism

I’ve been studying philosophical daoism like a full-time job for more than Continue reading

New Year’s Reverse Resolutions™

HA! I love coining new phrases and I am the official coiner of this one! Have a look!


There are a lot of articles/posts out there which mention “reverse resolutions” and have their own definitions for them. Most of which involve looking back on the accomplishments of this year instead of making goals for the following year. Mine is similar but more of a hybrid of traditional and, what seems to be a generally agreed upon, reverse.

Here are the official, throughout the universes, multiverses and reversiverses, rules for “New Year’s Reverse Resolutions”:

  1. Privately make resolutions for the next year.
  2. Work on said resolutions throughout the year.
  3. Publically reflect on the progress of last year’s resolutions.
  4. Go back to #1.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!

1483192429527This came to me while taking the MRT (Subway for you non-Taiwanesians) home after yoga while thinking to myself “New Year’s resolutions are so stupid. It’s just an arbitrary date* with no objective meaning.” Then I went on to think “As you well know you live in a subjective universe and the global collective consciousness gives it meaning.”

I happened to get a photo of myself on the MRT close to the time this thought transpired. The face and the thought are in no way connected.

After my internal rant about how the arbitrariness of practically all facets of the human race, especially holidays**, get cloaked as being completely rational and reasonable (they most certainly are not!) I put some thought into figuring out how to leverage the New Year and the resolutions which oft come with it.

What I’ve noticed from personal experience and what oft preached percentages*** say is that New Year’s resolutions rarely create the change you seek in the world. Even when “unsuccessful”**** they could produce good data to be learned from.

So, the basic idea is creating a 100% success rate by removing the achievement of said goals from the equation and making the goal to enjoy and learn from the process of trying to achieve or achieving said goals.

Boom. *Anna voice*

I already made my resolutions and shot a video for 2017. Excitements!

Now time to get on the one man New Year’s Eve party bus!

* It’s far from arbitrary! I tried looking into the history of the first of the year and my head exploded.

** Holidays always make me grumpy.

*** I always see things like “Only 8% of people are successful at…” Looks like that number comes from [here] or there abouts.

**** It’s only unsuccessful if nothing is learned. I also unsuccessfully made enough footnotes to officially use a † which would have been [the next mark in the sequence].

10 Years of Birthdays

I was going to write a little snippet for each year but… Andrew invited me to some hip hop club and I’m taking him up on his offer! Don’t have time for full flashback! I just want to comment on the interesting trend of me “quitting internet” on or around my birthday, or just being totally vanished. 2011 I was having a super manic episode… at least I caught a double rainbow first!

That 2007 video is hella long, but I queued it up on the birthday dance.

It’s cool that I was playing Assassin’s Creed Unity on my birthday last year. Picking up Syndicate this year for Black Friday!

Also, reading  the comment and watching the video from 2012 gave me flashbacks of how fucking great Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was! I was all about that glass cannon science!

I’m about to down this last beer, take one for the road and then I’ll be jamming to hippity hoppity music. I’ll report back later…

































Walk and Talk: Pure Yoga to The Crib

I did this in two parts over two days. You’ll see everything I see (minus one of the MRT rides) when I go home from doing yoga.

The way these “Walk and Talks” (W&Ts) will work moving forward, I think, is I’ll include a map and do a brief overview of the topics within. Funny thing I’ve noticed, and this has always been true, is I like watching the videos too! lol

Pure Yoga to Zhongxiao Fuxing

I mainly show you around in this video. I start at [Pure Yoga Tower] (you can switch to English in the upper right) and you’ll see me walk into the [Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station] and travel to the [Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station].

I briefly talk about getting paid subscriptions to get news instead of relying on articles friends share, sometimes from questionable sources.

Xinhai to The Crib

I’m more chatty in this one.

  1. 0:00 – Seeing the world in YouTube vision
  2. 2:20 – 360 cameras
  3. 3:24 – Weird food vending machines
  4. 4:22 – Weird upside down umbrella
  5. 5:22 – Back to 360 cameras
  6. 6:30 – Back to 360 cameras
  7. 7:10 – Come travel with meh
  8. 13:20 – miltownkid to Casey Abbott Payne
  9. 21:54 – Brief comment on Trump

If you ever see something in the video that you’d like to know more about or if you see something interesting on the map, let me know! Ask questions!

Map of Journey

A Sample 360 Photo

This is pretty cool eh? Did it with my phone (Note 5, doesn’t explode. 😉 )

My Delegate Story: Background (Part 1)

My Delegate Story: Background (Part 1)

This will be a series of posts chronicling why I became a delegate, how I became a delegate, what my responsibilities are as a delegate and what I do as a delegate. At the time of this writing (April 9th, 2016) I am a district and state delegate for Iowa and in the process of figuring out how to become a national delegate.

“Brief” Political and Ideological Background

I was raised by a pair of Continue reading