My Dream

Earn $3,600 profit from Flow to Your Dream in a single cycle by the end of Cycle 12 (Dec 2022)

I have many paths available to me to get to that number. I could…

  • …build a following on YouTube and join the YouTube Partner Program.
  • …grow my Patreon.
  • …sell digital products.
  • …create a paid membership community.
  • …do 1-on-1 and group coaching.

I will track the progress I make each cycle in the form of a blog post, total profit, and a spreadsheet showing the details of revenue and expenses.

  • Cycle 8: Blog Post | Total: $448.96 (Revenue) | (Google Sheet)
  • Cycle 9: Blog Post | Total: $X | (Google Sheet)
  • Cycle 10: Blog Post | Total: $X | (Google Sheet)
  • Cycle 11: Blog Post | Total: $X | (Google Sheet)
  • Cycle 12: Blog Post | Total: $X | (Google Sheet)

The reason I’m choosing $3,600/cycle as a goal is because it’s realistic and works with the 108 numerology ($10,800/year 😁). If I hit it early I’ll set a new amount and deadline.

While I’m using money to keep score, the real goal is impact. The more money coming in, the more people I’m helping.

By Cycle 108 (2054)

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.”

”Gates’ Law: How Progress Compounds and Why It Matters”, Farnam Street

It’s really easy for me to hyperfixate on a big dream while forgetting to figure out the details. For example, I want to create an open-source religious [see note] movement called Flowism with 108 1.08 million practicing Flowists and thousands of Flowist centers scattered around the world.

Is that possible in my lifetime? Perhaps, but before millions of members and thousands of centers can exist, hundreds of members and one center needs to exist. Let that be my Dream.

The First Flowist Center

The photos below are of an abandoned building at 108 Emei Street (峨嵋街), in Taipei, Taiwan’s Wanhua district (萬華區) which also happens to be postal code 108. I’m obsessed with the idea of purchasing this building and turning it into the Flowist international headquarters.

There’s no need to get into the specific details of the center right now. It would essentially be part hackerspace, part coworking space, part business incubator, part recording studio, part art studio, part media production studio, part martial and physical arts space, part spiritual space, part kitchen/cafe, part library, and part intentional community all serving both the local community of Flowists and the general public.

I don’t know what combination of those things would comfortably fit in that building. The final result might be spread across multiple locations. At the end of the day, I don’t even know if I’ll ever get my hands on that building! For now, it can serve as inspiration. Something to dream about.

Expansion – To 1.08 Million and Beyond!

The international headquarters would serve as the hub for other locations around Taiwan. A mountain retreat center, an oceanside location for leisure, additional locations in other major cities. I love the idea of there being a network of businesses owned, or partially owned, by the parent organization. Bars, clubs, restaurants, theaters, a clothing brand, branded electronics, an app, etc.

Photo by geralt (Pixabay | Instagram)

I want to be involved with establishing communities in Wisconsin and Puerto Rico as things expand beyond Taiwan. Then I dream about a nonprofit that exists to help people establish communities of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Since the project is open-source this means Flowists would help groups who want to expand Flowism as a centralized brand as well as groups with their own ideas for communities they want to build.

As the dream grows in size I see establishing a Flowist micronation that grows into a city-state and beyond. Perhaps a Flowist colony on Mars? A Flowship Enterprise?

[Note]The word “religion” is extremely loaded, it carries a lot of baggage. Religion doesn’t mean what you think it does because even scholars can’t agree on a single definition. Scholars have written a wide variety of definitions. They all tend to be one of two types: substantive or functional. A substantive definition focuses on the distinguishing characteristics (beliefs and/or practices).

A functional definition concentrates not on what religion is (its beliefs and practices, for example) but on what these beliefs and practices do for the individual and the social group – on the needs they fulfill (for example, in providing or contributing to bonding, identity, comfort, and security). One well-known example of this kind of definition refers to religion as ‘a system of beliefs and practices by means of which a group of people struggles with the ultimate problems of human life’ (Yinger, 1970, p. 7).

“Scholarly definitions of religion”, OpenLearn

Religion, to me, is the collection of rituals, routines, systems, beliefs, principles, protocols, philosophies, and practices whether done by one person or one million people. This includes everything from atheists celebrating birthdays and creating new rituals, to Silicon Valley Stoics and their principles and practices around meditation and smartphone management, to Crossfitters and martial art enthusiasts, to philosophical Taoists, to Dudeists, and to what Westernized Judeo-Christian primed minds, atheist or not, automatically label religious (churches, prayer, a belief in god(s), rituals, rites, etc.)

In my view there is no escaping being religious. Humans make religions as naturally as bees make honey. Flowism aims to create philosophies and frameworks which can be used standalone, merged with other religious frameworks, or forked into new -isms or a’intisms.

This lengthy footnote serves as a placeholder for a more robust post on religion in the future.

(See also: Open-Source Religion on Wikipedia)

Dream Documents v1 | v2 | v3 (Current)

Created 8.34 (June 3rd, 2021) | Updated 9.-5 (August 27th, 2021)

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