Dream Version 1

I’ve been explicitly setting and refining yearly, 5 year, and beyond goals since 2008. I’ll eventually organize and make past documents available here. I’m going to view all of those as beta versions. This is the first stable public release (1.0.0). I’ll update and revise this each cycle.

Making my dream public forces me to be clear and lets people know why I am, or am not, interested in work or projects.

I haven’t made a serious attempt at creating a “dream document” for over two years. This is because I switched from focusing on “dream” to focusing on “flow”. I pulled from four documents to create this first version (Balancing Bipolar, All You Need is Co, When I’m 90, Casey Abbott Payne’s Dream).

Everything I do can be summarized with a single statement:

Create antifragile self-sustaining, self-replicating, and self propagating systems and collectives for personal, societal and spiritual development.

There are currently four projects I’m working on to express and develop this.

  • Casey Abbott Payne
  • Flow to Your Dream
  • Being Bipolar
  • Black Horse Tai Chi (Website)

Casey Abbott Payne

Casey Abbott Payne and the associated social media accounts are focused on being an example of how to move from being an individual system of personal development, self-reflection, and self-expression into a collective one.

Flow to Your Dream

This is the current name of the philosophy, principles, and personal development system I’m creating. The entirety of the system lives in the name. With clarity of vision (dream) you can create the optimal process (flow) to take your there. The flow will be as unique as the dream for each person but there are universal principles tying us all together.

The 108-day cycle of planning, implementing, and reflecting exists under the Flow to Your Dream umbrella.

Being Bipolar

I am creating the ultimate toolkit and suite of services for people with bipolar disorder and the friends and family who support them.

I’m bootstrapping this company by building a blog and online store that will fund building the service.

Black Horse Tai Chi

I casually work on this as a hobby as I want my other projects to be further along before investing more time and energy into this. I’m available for private lessons and seminars.

Goals by the End of Cycle 108 (December 31st, 2054)

  • Flow to Your Dream chapters in every country in the world and a membership base surpassing 108 million flow’ers.
  • Every person in the world on the bipolar spectrum having digital access to tools and communities necessary to take advantage of their gifts and to minimize and eventually eliminate unnecessary suffering for themselves and those close to them.
  • Every person in the world having digital access to education and training in the Taoist arts in order to improve mental and physical health.