My Dream v2

Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 – Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve been explicitly setting and refining yearly, 5 year, and beyond goals since 2008. I’ll eventually organize and make past documents available on this website.

Making my dream public forces me to be clear and lets people know why I am, or am not, interested in work or projects.

Flow to Your Dream

This is the name of the community, philosophy, principles, and personal development system I’ve created and am constantly improving. The entirety of the system lives in the name. With clarity of vision (dream) you can create the optimal processes (flow) to take your there. The flow will be as unique as the dream for each person but there are universal principles tying us all together.

Dream for the End of Cycle 6

  • 9 people checking in daily.

Dream for the End of Cycle 108 (December 31st, 2054)

  • Flow to Your Dream chapters in every country in the world and a membership base surpassing 108 million flowists.

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