Serendipity King

Serendipity King

I’m often amazed at the opportunities I stumble upon. I used to think it was “luck” until I researched luck and ran in this video:

I found that video, over ten years ago, through this book.

This post isn’t directly about luck. It is, instead, a story illustrating how “luck” works.

Figuring Out Work That Works for Me

This story begins with me deciding, almost exactly four months ago, that I was going to “work from home”. I meticulously track practically all of my thoughts, make note of the insane time/date stamp. 🙂 Continue reading

The Revenant: Pain. Suffering. Death.


I enjoyed [The Revenant] for a number of reasons but the one that stuck out the most was the harshness of the landscape that [Hugh Glass], protagonist and real life inspiration, lived in. I feel as though many modernized humans are missing something by being so far removed from those key ingredients to living (pain, suffering, death).

It was fun watching someone operate while immersed in Continue reading

You Can’t Tell the Truth Because Your Life Is a Lie

Something that people worry about is whether someone is lying to them or telling the truth. Without plunging into the depths of the illusion of self, let’s keep it simple.

Who are you? Like… who are you REALLY? Like I said, not in the sense of whether there is a self or not, I’ll save that for another day. In the simple things. Like when someone is Continue reading