Cycle 10: Days 1 to 14

Something I wanted to do in Cycle 9 was do a recap every 12 days. I did finish one recap for Cycle 9! The rest of Cycle 9 didn’t work out like that for a variety of reasons. I still haven’t done the Story for Cycle 9! It’s coming. For now, here’s the recap for Days 1 to 14 of Cycle 10!

Going from 0 to Habits in 7 Days

This 108 ritual is powerful. I was “medication depressed” at the end of last year. What I mean by that is medication was used to bring my energy down. I was so low that I was planning on skipping this cycle and just focusing on recovery. What happened instead is that a couple friends in my 108 community asked me where to start checking in and… that was the kick in the pants I needed to get moving.

When I set up the Facebook group for checking in I actually didn’t have any habits I wanted to check in about so for the first four days checking in was my habit. All I did was drop one of these in the comments and I was done.

On Day 5 I figured I could start working on rehabilitating my hip so I went on YouTube looking for some hip exercises and stretches. That was the first habit I added.

Then on Day 6, I added my full morning routine. It’s as follows:

  • Make the bed
  • Check my weight
  • Brush my teeth
  • Take vitamins
  • Drink water
  • Morning chores

The only reason I’m able to get habits rolling so fast is that they’re not new habits. They’re old habits that just needed a reset.

On Day 7 I added intermittent fasting. Something I hadn’t done for almost 100 days.

On Day 8 I added meditation. On Day 9 I added my evening routine (shower, brush teeth, wind down).

And on Day 10 I was working on a project again.

Way of the 108

I ended up making a long rambling video about starting Way of the 108, but I’ll summarize it here quickly.

I have three projects that are all connected.

  • Flow to Your Dream – my personal development system
  • Flowism – a new philosophy and religion
  • Way of the 108 – my example of combining the philosophy and religion

I was always planning on focusing on Flow to Your Dream first, Flowism second, and Way of the 108 third. It just felt like the proper natural progression. Well… I got a phone call from a friend on Day 10 where I asked him about where he thinks I should start. He said to start with the “108-day thing”, but he didn’t know what to call it. I was calling it Flow to Your Dream but it was during this conversation that I realized I should just jump into the deep end and call it Way of the 108 and focus on creating my “personal development (definitely not a) cult”. 🙂

I JUST started working on this in a serious capacity a few days ago so I don’t know exactly how things will unfold. But…

This same friend called me today (Day 14) and told me about a friend of his that was struggling with a son who was recently diagnosed with bipolar. He asked me if I was willing to talk to them and I said “SURE!” This was an interesting development because on Day 12 I woke up feeling imposter syndrome. That same morning a friend with bipolar messaged me and said “Could I call you and get some positive energy?” I said sure! And… I delivered! He was feeling much better after the phone call and I was too.

These two interactions, along with some work I had done with the book “The Embedded Entrepreneur” got me thinking that perhaps I should start with focusing the project on “my people” (people with bipolar).

Again, it’s very early in the process.

Getting the Way of the 108 Rolling

I wanted the purchase of the domain ( to reflect the day I decided to commit to it so I bought that on 10.10 (1/10/2022). On Day 11 I knocked out a bunch of technical stuff. I set up a custom domain for email. I started working on a landing page. And I even pumped out a short outline for an eBook.

Spirit Animals

Jumping back to my friend who wanted some energy, one of the things that came up in the discussion was asking him what his spirit animal was. When he told me it actually explained some deeper feelings he had. He told me “dog” because they get to relax all day. Then I asked him what other animals were his spirit animals and he said “You can have more than one?” I said… Hell yeah! Here are mine…

My Spirit Animals
  • Dragon – They’re protectors of the spirit real
  • Tiger – They’re protectors of the earthly realm
  • Horse – The name of my tai chi school is Black Horse Tai Chi, horses are also like utility knives. They can do work, transport people or goods, they can be used for war, and they can be wild free spirits!
  • Black Panther – The Black Panther is able to hunt for what it needs while hiding from hunters who want his shiny coat. I see myself as a spiritual Black Panther. Able to get what I need spiritual while spiritually hiding from people and situations that want to drain my spirit

Ye Dream

You can read about it in this Instagram post.

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