Virtual Assistant/Project Manager @ MyConsultingOffer

Hey Davis!

Thought I’d make a page just for you and your team. I’ve never really worked a traditional job so I’ve never gone through the process of creating a traditional resume. This is currently the closest thing I have to a traditional resume [LINK]. I created it when I applied for a job through UpWork and I ended up getting hired without my new boss ever looking at it!

I got to meet my last employer in person during a trip to the US and he showed me what WISPs (Wireless ISPs) do up close and personal!

That last job was an awesome experience [LINK]. I was originally hired to do “social media updates” at 5 hours a week with very little direction. He gave me access to a Tai Lopez “Social Media Agency” course so I used that to prepare notes on how to move forward with his second company (the digital marketing agency). Two weeks later he let me work as many hours as I wanted to (but I was only at $10/hour).

I ended up doing a little bit of everything while working for him. I:

  • Created systems, processes, and documentation for onboarding new clients, managing clients, and setting up new services
  • Learned basic project management skills
  • Became really fluent in using Trello
  • Researched and implemented new software (landing pages, social media management, email list building, etc.)
  • Created and managed Facebook ads
  • Hired and trained new employees

It was all a whirlwind and I figured things out as we went along!

That was my first time working remotely from home so I ended up learning some of the pitfalls of remote work the hard way. Things like:

  • Making clear “on the clock” and “off the clock” hours
  • The burden of working synchronously (over Skype) with someone in a different timezone (I’m GMT+8 in Taiwan)
  • The importance of having a backup place to work in the event of having visitors at the house (coworking space, coffee shop, etc.)

What I’m most proud of is hiring a friend here in Taiwan, training him, and telling him to stick through the hard times. His goal was to make $3,000 US/month after taxes and he recently told me that he hit that objective (he’s still working there). The reason I stopped working there was the conflict of hours and maintaining my mental health, but I made sure he had everything he needed in my friend before leaving.

Personal Assistant

I was actually and IRL assistant for the 4 years before I moved to Taiwan. Even though I was only working for one person I ended up learning a lot of different skills. She regularly hosted events so I would have to coordinate with caterers, a small staff, and guests. Once a year she hosted a family reunion which involved coordinating with up to 30 guests securing places to stay, creating a schedule and a ton of other miscellaneous tasks.

She traveled often and I was in charge of purchasing airfare, booking hotels, and making sure I got her to the airport on time and was there to pick her up when she was done.


I’m only looking for and applying to two kinds of jobs.

  1. Writing work
  2. Somewhere that I’ll learn and grow

This job falls into the second category. Going through your website, listening to you talk, and hearing about all of the experiences people had working with you made it clear to me that I would be challenged and be able to grow with the company long term.

Also, I mentioned the importance of managing my mental health above. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 twenty years ago and it has been a blessing and a curse ever since. A blessing because I believe there is a link between the disorder and my ability to acquire new skills and adapt to new situations quickly. A curse because it was a challenge making the right lifestyle changes and finding the right medications to stay balanced. The problem with the last job is that it impacted my ability to get a good nights rest. Sleep is my number 1 tools for management!

If you made it this far, I appreciate that! This is only the second job I’ve applied for since starting my new search. It takes me a long time to apply for a job because I like to go deep like this! I learn something new with each application.