Keep It Simple Stupid

It don't get no simpler than this.

A friend told me she’d teach me to K.I.S.S. whilst kissing if I taught her to K.I.S.S. whilst blogging (you SO did! Don’t lie!) I think KISSing will end up being a major theme of this blog.

Here are some quick tips for her (or YOU) to get your blog on while Keepin’ it S2.

1. Setup it up fast using a free service. I obviously opted for WordPress (and recommend it), but anything will do (start where your friends are).

(Extra credit: Purchase a domain to sex it up a bit if you already know what you want to call it. It’s fairly straightforward to connect it to your blog and it’ll only set you back a few trips Starbucks. I use NameCheap, you can also purchase one right inside of

2. Don’t waste time choosing a template and messing with plugins. Just make little changes here and there. You’ll get it sexed up in no time.

3. Steal from your own (or others if you’re dirty 😉 ) social media feeds for inspiration. Facebook is the one I’m currently most active on, but any will do. Anytime you post, tweet, pin or whatever something that gets a lot of engagement (comments, likes, shares, etc.) you, my (girl)friend have found a winning topic for a post. Just take that idea, throw a picture on it and expand on it.

Easy breezy beautiful

Pen and Paper, The Ultimate KISS

I’ve gotten into the habit of hand writing at least one letter a day. I can’t embed video or photos into that shit. It’s just straight text (with the occasional kungfu stick figure if inspiration strikes). I only mention this to point out the fact that you don’t need the latest anything to get someone interested in reading your shit. Just make sure your shit is interesting to your audience (of one super silly girl) and you’re fucking golden.

Stay black.

P.S. I have trouble KISSing so I hope teaching her to KISS will help me KISS. 😀

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