37 Reasons Why Magda’s the Most Awesomest of Awesome Girlfriend in the Multiverses… Day 1

YOU DUN FUCKED UP NOW! lol (Or maybe I did… Hope I can keep it up… lol)

I actually wrote down 37 things… Seemed like a little much for one post so… I thought I’d dole them out over a “few” days. 😀

Day 1. She Ride or Die

There is no one in my whole entire life, friend or family, who has believed in and supported my madness more than hers truly. Hopefully she (and I) will be proven to be correct in supporting yours truly (in the minds of western capitalists that is).

She’s one of the few people who have gone to great lengths, Lalkor the F… (wait… that’s not right… ah yes) Falkor the Luck Dragon style, to connect with me the times I’ve fallen off of the face of the internet into a depth of nothingness that would make the nothingness on Never Ending Story be like… “I’m nothing but that shit right there! SHHHEEEEIIIITTT!

People don’t know it but was it not for Magda I’d be wandering the streets of somewhere in a loincloth enjoying a life of manic despair… (a man can dream can’t he? 😀 )



  1. YAY fun! Love you too! lol though what is wrong with me, I’ve been totally off. Didn’t get the time thing, didn’t get the 37 thing. Chuckle. <- both other people who don't even really know were like oh because.. and I though… OH yeah. (laughs at self)

    Where's day two 😀


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