Reason 12: Magda, The Artistic, Hates Tattoos But…

This is actually a pretty dope story…

I’ve been dreaming of getting a back tattoo for like 20 years but I’ve been waiting fur the timing to be right. I’ve been waiting for the right Milwaukee artist and right right theme. I knew the stars would align one day and bring it to me.

[My Yoga teacher] for the last almost 20 years, who I’ve only taken a handful with but he’s my homedog (you know, life 😉 ), is operating out of a studio that has some tattoo artists in it (Akara Arts). Boom. Found my artist.

I went in and told him about this tattoo I wanted with Guanyin, the Monkey King on a Black Horse and a turtle. Scott was like, what you should do is have the Monkey King all badass on up on the horse like “I run this shit!” I was like fuck yeah.

Told Magda about it and she was not even

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