Reason 18: Magda Can Even Love Eeyore (Depressed) Me

This past week I was about as down as down can be for me. I was suppose to be showering Magda with lovelies, flowers and surprises. Instead I was sleeping all day, many times in the fetal position… 😛

I would like to make light of my “depression” (I hate calling it that for myself), but I shouldn’t. If a depressed someone happens to stumble across this post, here’s a pretty solid resource guide [CLICK HERE].

Any time I’m struck with being depressed I’m by myself. I can just lay around, play video games, watch movies, whatever, until it’s gone. This is the first time I’ve been around someone else like this. I spoke to my brother a couple days ago and he mentioned using this as an opportunity to learn more about this side of my “ups and downs” now that I’ve figured out how to manage the ups. I’ll most definitely be working to understand this side of myself better. I was straight empty inside. I couldn’t see any way of breaking it (other than waiting, that’s been my only way of dealing with it).

Magda was super awesome, especially given the circumstances. She did her best to motivate me to get outside an go for a run, something that possibly would have helped me shake it sooner. Instead I laid in bed in the fetal position. 😛

Your awesome Magda. Thanks for making my depression not suck so bad. Also, thanks for letting me win at Splendor that one day. It really helped lift my spirits.

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