Journaling 2.0

Some significant changes are taking place in my journaling process. I’ve been regularly journaling, to myself, for about 10 years. Here is the first dated journal entry I have (from the start of regular personal journaling):


Here is my collection of journals I’ve acquired over the course of those 10 years.


Most of my journaling has been about planning and strategizing. I haven’t spent much time addressing feelings. The need to regularly journal was a result of having so many ideas that I was actively working on at the same time. Some public, some private.

The two binders are from spending over a year writing a list of goals every day. Most of the goals were trying to convince myself that I wanted things I didn’t want. Every now and then my “true” goals would surface.

Something else new happened last night. I have never written in my books. My style was to read a book, try to internalize one idea and move on. From this point forward I’m going to read a book, capture a number of ideas by making notation in the book. Write a summary of what I learned from each chapter of the book. Write a summary of my largest takeaways from the entire book and then move on to the next book.


A New Daily Habit

I have a morning and evening ritual that I have been religiously adhering to over the last couple months. Maintaining these rituals is currently my top priority. They have practically become automatic but I will stay vigilant in maintaining them until they become as necessary a breathing.

The two new habits I’m adding is reading at night while notating a book and then journaling in the morning. I’m not sure if I will write a blog post to accompany my journaling every morning but I will definitely journal somewhere.

This is what I wrote this morning.



What is a Bodhisattva?

My reaction to this piece is that I’ve been operating in a mode of creating what I believed would have been the “ultimate” bodhisattva. Someone who was enlightened and also a master all of the skills necessary to reach the fertile minds ready for the seeds of enlightenment in any corner of the eathiverse. These are the skills I was cultivating with the miltownkid character. I wasn’t very concerned as to whether miltownkid was actually enlightened or not. The aim was to master the skills necessary to reach.
I’ve now decided that a better approach would be to focus on cultivating and maintaining an enlightened state. I imagine I will find utility in both skills, delivery and quality.

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