Walk and Talk: Pure Yoga to The Crib

I did this in two parts over two days. You’ll see everything I see (minus one of the MRT rides) when I go home from doing yoga.

The way these “Walk and Talks” (W&Ts) will work moving forward, I think, is I’ll include a map and do a brief overview of the topics within. Funny thing I’ve noticed, and this has always been true, is I like watching the videos too! lol

Pure Yoga to Zhongxiao Fuxing

I mainly show you around in this video. I start at [Pure Yoga Tower] (you can switch to English in the upper right) and you’ll see me walk into the [Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station] and travel to the [Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station].

I briefly talk about getting paid subscriptions to get news instead of relying on articles friends share, sometimes from questionable sources.

Xinhai to The Crib

I’m more chatty in this one.

  1. 0:00 – Seeing the world in YouTube vision
  2. 2:20 – 360 cameras
  3. 3:24 – Weird food vending machines
  4. 4:22 – Weird upside down umbrella
  5. 5:22 – Back to 360 cameras
  6. 6:30 – Back to 360 cameras
  7. 7:10 – Come travel with meh
  8. 13:20 – miltownkid to Casey Abbott Payne
  9. 21:54 – Brief comment on Trump

If you ever see something in the video that you’d like to know more about or if you see something interesting on the map, let me know! Ask questions!

Map of Journey

A Sample 360 Photo

This is pretty cool eh? Did it with my phone (Note 5, doesn’t explode. 😉 )

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