The Transformation from miltownkid ZEE to Casey Abbott Payne


miltownkid, later “miltownkid ZEE”, is a persona I created and became. It’s a long story that I’ll revisit one day but I just want to digitally capture the day that I completed the journal which detailed the transition.

Who was miltownkid?

miltownkid started as around the year 1999, turned into the name I used on a discussion forum for Expats in Taiwan and evolved into a full fledged IRL persona who maintained a website, YouTube channel and several social media accounts.

Something interesting that I noticed throughout being miltownkid is that “he” often shared competing and conflicting viewpoints with “me”. Since “he” usually had the keys to the meatsuit, his point of view normally got implemented. That’s an odd place to find oneself… Which view was the “real” one?

That’s what I spent August 16th, 2015 until today sorting out. There is still sorting to do! Now the persona Casey Abbott Payne has the keys to the meatsuit.

The miltownkid years were highly experimental. I experimented with various modes of thought. Theist vs atheist. Scientology, Thelema, Daoism, Buddhism. Monogamy vs non-monogamy. Democratic vs Republican (vs Libertarian). Communism, Capitalism, Socialism… etc. etc. etc.

What I’m doing now is taking all of my experiments and theories and creating a practice. Then, one day, I’ll preach what I practice. More likely is that I’ll preach the practice that led to my practice. Everyone has to find, perhaps more accurate create, their own practice.

Anyhow, goodbye and good night miltownkid. Perhaps we’ll meet again one day. 😉




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