Day 24 – Illusions on Illusions on Illusions

Be relentless in eliminating life spam: the thoughts, data, and preoccupations that have no value. Also look hard at the information that is of some value. See if it serves enough value to make its existence worthwhile. If any information you receive is not used, or is of marginal use, categorize it for what it is—a waste of time, energy, and/or money—and then dismiss it from your life. Ruthlessly unsubscribe!

What will you do with the time, energy, and money you save? You’ll expend these precious resources on things that matter.

From “Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less

Habit chains:

  • Meditation – 157 days
  • Journaling – 50 days
  • Art – 43 days
  • Chinese Calligraphy – Day 23
  • Monetization – Day 17
  • Writing – Day 8


    • Yeah. I thought that was a good excerpt from the book. I wouldn’t recommend you reading the book as it’s focus is on business, but there are a lot of little gems like that. He does have a version focused on personal life as well but I haven’t read that one.


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