Day 38 – Shootings and Starvings

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

Habit chains:

  • Meditation – 171 days
  • Journaling – 64 days
  • Art – 57 days
  • Chinese Calligraphy – Day 37
  • Monetization – Day 31


  1. I agree about the over coverage of this event. At least on PBS News hour, they covered the event and other important news. I think we could pass some common sense gun legislation, but common sense is in short supply right now and the gun nuts believe the Russian bots planting all those ideas that the Democrats are trying to take away our guns. Maybe everyone should just be giving an automatic weapon and they could mow down everyone they have a gripe with and we could solve the overpopulation problem. Just think of how many people could have been wiped out if all the concert goers had automatic weapons and started shooting at wherever they thought the shooter was. Maybe that’s what we need.


    • I think I’ll use my “sprouts” analogy here. I look at all of the “gun” people like “old oaks”. The energy it would take to move an old oak vs the energy it would take to move a sprout is MASSIVE. If all that old oak energy were directed towards sprouts we wouldn’t see sudden change but the gradual change would be EPIC. That’s why I like to focus on education more than anything else.

      It’s a curious thing that these things are often done by white males. Serial killers too. I wonder why that is?


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