1. Good insight on feelings of powerlessness. There is an old saying: God grant me patience to deal with things I can’t change, courage to change what I can and wisdom to know the difference. I find that the ability to focus on what one can change is what separates the powerful from the powerless.
    As to being black, I think that extends to every criterion of what Buffet calls the ovarian lottery…people always take credit for happenstance if it is in their favor.


    • That’s a good quote! I’ve heard it before of course, but very fitting. I’m going to start up a Google Doc for quotes. 😀 Yes, Buffett really does get it. I’ve heard him say in interviews that if he was a Black woman in that same time it would have been impossible (or very highly unlikely) for him to accomplish what he has regardless of how smart he was.

      Yeah… the powerlessness hit me while writing. People feel powerless about the simplest of things.


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