1. I’ve decided I’ll never get caught up. I have 58,000+ unread e-mails. I check in on the ones that seem most relevant and occasionally I spend time deleting a bunch of old e-mails because if it’s been over 5 years and I haven’t read them, I probably won’t read them. I have limited time I can spend on the computer, so I just do what is necessary at that moment, like make sure I read and stay up on your posts. I keep my spam box cleared out and my trash cleared out. I hope your teeth have recovered. Good dental health is so important to overall health.

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    • I got the root canal done and the follow up is Friday. I’ve also made the plan for getting the implants on my left side. They’re about $3,000/tooth. I can get the ball rolling for both at about $4,000 then I guess there’s a 6 month or so waiting period to finish them. I’m going to stick with the dentist Magda introduced me to instead of looking for a better price. It was the best dental experience I’ve ever had.


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