Day 1: My ONE Thing

This is my second 108 session. These 108-day sessions are a result of a personal development system I’m working on. Last year I ran into the idea of setting goals for the quarter instead of by the year. Things went really smoothly when I tested it so I decided to implement it into my system.

I decided using 108 days instead of 90 days for a couple of reason.

  1. 108 is my lucky number.
  2. 108 days work well for diving the year into thirds with 12 or so days to reflect and plan the next session.

Something I’ve learned over the years is that it takes several days to reflect and restructure goals. Usually, a weekend isn’t even enough (for me). I’m going to do three reflections a year and instead of trying to do them in a single weekend I’ll spread them over the course of about two weeks.

The Focus of the Next 108 Days

The focus of the next 108 days is going to be about… focus! I recently read a book called “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” and ever since reading it I’ve been trying to define my ONE thing. I thought trying to apply the exercises from the book for 108 days might be a good idea, but in order to do that, I had to come up with ONE thing. You can have different ONE things at different times in your life but if you want to be a “high achiever” there tends to be an overarching ONE one thing. Think Michael Jordan and basketball. The ONE one thing I came up with for myself is captured in the following statement:

Create antifragile self sustaining and self propagating systems for personal and societal development.

That’s a little general, dry and impersonal but it’s what I’m always working on in one form or another. I’ll be exercising that ONE thing muscle primarily in a project I call “Being Bipolar”. That name might change but the focus is on creating a community and tools for managing bipolar disorder. Focusing on “Being Bipolar” will also be moving “The Fellowship of Heroes”, another project, forward.

Big to small my ONE thing goes…

“Create antifragile…” -> Fellowship of Heroes (a group of people who create and manage “initiatives”) -> Being Bipolar (an “initiative”) -> Daily action

Content Production Over the Next 108 Days

I’ve decided that I want there to be a finished product of some kind at the end of every 108 days. It could be anything ranging from a book, a video, a statue, a music album, etc. I would also ideally create some kind of daily content to go along with the 108 days. For the first one, I did a handwritten journal entry along with a picture I drew and a video. The last one was totally unplanned. It just organically turned out that way.

For this 108 each day I would like to create the following:

  • A video where I state the ONE thing I will complete each day at the beginning and then the results from the day at the end at a minimum. I can add more if I feel like being fancy.
  • An Instagram photo collage with data from the different things I’m tracking.
  • An Instagram photo with a “shot of the day” along with a “108 Adages of Wisdom”
  • A Facebook post listing my ONE thing for the day where I take notes in the comments
  • A WordPress blog post listing all of the above in a single place along with any personal note I might feel like sharing.

Final Product from the 108 Days

  • An in-person bipolar support group for foreigners in Taipei
  • An online bipolar support group for foreigners in Taipei
  • A guide for creating a bespoke management system for bipolar disorder

Notes from Today

I had a pretty chill day today. Got to have a nice conversation with my brother, hung out with wife and I got to spend a lot of time journaling and writing. I’m excited about seeing what the end of this 108 days looks like! 😀


One comment

  1. I like the bipolar support work you are focusing on. It seems like it could apply to anywhere in the world, not just Taiwan.


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