Day 5’s ONE Thing: Draft for Sleep Protocol & Guide

I’m having a ton of fun reading about sleep. An interesting article I skimmed talked about how sleep should be right up there with diet and exercise in terms of importance. The more I read about sleep it seems as though it should be a priority even above diet and exercise. There are CLEAR scientific links with sleep and obesity. There’s like this vicious cycle of lack of sleep makes you fat and being fat makes you get bad sleep which… You also need to be well rested to have the energy to actually exercise.

It will all be covered in the guide with links to sources. 🙂

One comment

  1. Why does a protocol for sleep need to be so complicated. I’m sure you’ve found a few basic rules for good sleep. Regular schedule, no TV in the bedroom, stay off electronic devices 2 hours before bed time. There’s probably a few more, but it’s not complicated. You just have to decided to do it:)


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