Day 27: A Community of Early Adopters


The Queendomino Final Score


Thoughtless Journaling

My thoughtless journaling is being way too thoughtful right now! I keep typing, deleting, typing… this is supposed to be thoughtless! That’s one of the really nice things about pen and paper. No take backs! You just have to roll with it. I’m rolling now finally… Some “vision” and direction with, what I’m now comfortably calling, my startup is coming together. The stage where I am right now I get to focus on what I’m really good at. Community building and talking to people. I’m going to need to get better at both of them as well! Especially “talking to people”.

What I’ll be doing for the next, I have no idea how long, is interviewing people to figure out what the most profitable “pain point” for me to address for early adopters is. Once I can get early-adopters to consistently put money in my hand to solve a problem and then I’m able to deliver on that solution in a manual fashion (me doing things that don’t scale) I’ll be ready to try to take things to the next level.

There are so many different things that I see that will all be able to come together to solve some really complex problems. AI and chatbots (to help with early detection and diagnosing of mental health problems), digital medical records (to make sure everyone has the right information), small digital support groups and small and large IRL support groups all intertwined in a way that makes suicide, depression and manic episodes practically obsolete. I believe that will all be possible with the coming technology and the culture that it will produce.

Wrap Up

Only thoughtless journaling and wrapping up today! Today was filled with lounging, gaming and eating with friends. I got to pull off a “beginners luck” victory over Magda. That’s always fun. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to the new apartment to move things around.

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