Day 44 & 45: I Love You Magda

I really want to spend time clearing up my thoughts. I’ve been kind of flapping in the breeze lately. Unfocused. I have the ONE THING that I’m focusing on (my bipolar service) but travel has totally unravelled that. That said… I was planning on travel unravelling it but… I want to ravel ununravel it back up! (note: it’s weird that ravel isn’t a word).

I want to write an update about where I’m at with the bipolar project, what I’ve been thinking about with creating a business cooperative and… all kind of other things I’m sure. Instead…

Love You Magda

Magda has been super calm, patient and supportive during this trip. I can very easily jam pack a day with random adventures and forget to make time for Magda. I can, really easily, sit down and write about a bunch of projects on Valentine’s Day instead of writing something about Magda! Not today!

Magda was SUPER obsessed about playing mini-golf for the last three days for some reason. It’s like… she was going to kill me if mini-golf didn’t happen! I was making mini-golf happen in my nonchalant “it’s all good, it’s going to happen” kind of way the last three days and she was making it happen in her “I’m going to kill you if it doesn’t happen!” kind of way. Well, it did happen. Oh! She just walked into the room (we’re at the hotel and she goes back to Taiwan in the morning). She’s asking me what I’m doing! I might get killed anyway! Oh no! I’m going to hurry up and post this as is! Enjoy our putt-putt skills!

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