…and Sometimes There’s a Pigeon

My mood was down a few days ago (it’s coming back up). I went to take a picture of the sky from the mountain temple. I was going to use the cloudy day as a metaphor for moody days. Just like it’s impossible for every day to be sunny, it’s impossible for every day be happy. No matter what you do, you’re going to have cloudy days.

When I looked at the screen of my phone… BOOM!

There was a pigeon in it that I hadn’t noticed! Just like you can never be in COMPLETE control of your mood, you never know when random events, like a pigeon in your photo, will happen. 😂

I also got to see some new graffiti from my favorite artist that day. Another surprise.

One comment

  1. Well, we re enjoying the brilliant sun reflecting off the new snow while the winds blow in a frigid arctic blast. I’m focusing on the sun:) Oh, and look for mail in a few days.


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