Cycle 4 Plan

Cycle 4!

Kind of feels like Cycle 1 in that this will be the first time I have a detailed plan that gets posted right at the start of the 108. Something small that I learned from Cycle 3’s plan (that was never posted) is that I want to avoid giving them a title. It’s just going to be plain old Cycle X moving forward (until something changes again. 😉 ) The title threw me off last time because it felt… “overly committed”? I’m not even sure. Anyhow… on to the “not title” for Cycle 4.

Primary Focus: might end up being the primary focus for several cycles if things go according to plan. I’m building an online store and blog focused on bipolar themed merchandise and articles.

I’ll set aside a minimum of 1 hour a day M-F to work on tasks related to the website. More is better of course!

Continue to Master Daily Processes (Flow)

A mantra of mine is: Process > Progress

If the processes (systems, protocols, etc.) are functioning properly you don’t have to worry about progress. It will happen naturally. You obviously have to monitor progress to look for leverage points and assess changes but assuming you’re processes are in order, all you have to do is stick with them.

For the last three cycles I’ve focused on a single “anchor” daily habit in the form of going for a run or walk. This is worked out well. Other habits naturally built around it. I wasn’t very strict about when I went for a run or about the other habits that naturally grew around it. That all changes this cycle…

Nighttime Routine

I’ve experimented with strict nighttime routines in the past and I like them a lot. I’ll have some built-in flexibility but Sunday to Thursday night there’s going to be a digital cut off time (for my cellphone, video games, etc.), combined with a “sleep by” time. The nighttime routine is important because that’s actually when the next day really starts!

Morning Meditation and Runs

This will be a major shift from how I’ve been doing my running. I was doing my running randomly during the day but, moving forward, I will do it first thing in the morning right after I meditate. When I get back from running the morning tasks kicks in…

Morning Tasks

There are a million different ways to track tasks. Spreadsheets, pen and paper, a Bullet Journal, and a wide variety of apps. I’ve decided to test an app called Todoist this cycle.

Here is what my current morning task list looks like. It will evolve throughout the 108, but this will give you a good idea of what’s going on:

  • Drink water
  • Take vitamin B
  • Make bed
  • Post 108 update (in private FB group)
  • Clear dish rack
  • Clean litter box (automatically gets scheduled 4 days after the day I do it)
  • Journal
  • Check washing machine for laundry to hang

That’s not the exact order of things but by the time the 108 ends the order will be precise. Any recurring daily or weekly tasks will be programmed and I will execute the program 100% of the time (most of the time. 😉 ) There’s also a daytime and evening list.


I will be reinforcing the characters I learned last cycle while working through the book Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 3 with a goal of finishing the book by the end of the 108. Chinese study will be included in the daily tasks.

Content Creation

At some point in the future, I’d like to create professionally produced video and audio content. That’s going to require hardware and software upgrades as well as serious time or dollar investment for editing. There are small steps I can take over the next 108 to get me closer.

  • Scheduled content creation
  • Organizing the equipment for podcasting
  • Organize equipment and software for better video editing

As far as the schedule goes, I’d like to have a weekly gaming stream and a weekly schedule for video releases. What I have in mind right now is a Tuesday morning gaming stream and two videos a week. A “rant” and something more entertainment oriented.


I’ll be slowly establishing, collecting, creating, and refining principles. I have collected many theoretical principles over the years that I’d like to put in practice. Here are two principles that I’ll be focusing on for this 108.

Do things right away

If there are dishes to do. Do them now. Something to throw away. Throw it away now. I’ll be exercising this with every little thing in the house, but I imagine it will extend beyond the borders of the house (both physically and digitally).

Put things away

I started doing this already and my room has stayed 100% clean ever since. When I take a book to read, I put it away when I’m done. When I’m done playing the PS4, I always attach the controller to charge it. By the end of this 108 I expect my room to be “perfect” (everything has a place and everything is always in it). I also believe this will be something that extends beyond the borders of my room and house.

Discipline Creates Freedom

Ha. I suppose this is actually a third principle I’ll be working on. When discipline is forced onto you in ways you don’t understand or in ways that aren’t aligned with your dreams, desires, goals, or passions, discipline won’t feel very freeing. Alternatively, when you craft your own processes and are disciplined in their execution, it is the ultimate freedom. Why? You no longer have to think about these things and their energy requirements drastically drop. This frees up more time and energy to do… you!

This is my most ambitious 108 yet! Wish me luck. 🙂


  1. Sounds like a pretty good start to your next 108. I’ll be looking forward to the updates. If you do travel for Chinese New Year, you’ll have to work hard at keeping some kind of routine.


  2. I was thinking about posting an update to this, but I realized that I can comment on my own post about the changes!

    – Being Bipolar has shifted over to Flow to Your Dream. This happened when a friend told me that he’d pay for the community I’m building.
    – I stopped studying Chinese to focus on building Flow to Your Dream
    – DO THINGS RIGHT AWAY and PUT THINGS AWAY has been working out awesomely
    – After last week’s YEN.CAMP I created the first draft for my content schedule.
    – My morning tasks are SUPER on point. I love them.
    – The evening routine is all over the place but… feels OK.
    – I’ve run every day for 62 days straight! I thought it was going to be a combination of running and walking, but I like running every day. I don’t do it after my morning routine. Now I write after my routine and run after that.


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