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Black Lives Matter Milwaukee Frequently Asked Questions

I am the creator of the [Black Lives Matter Milwaukee Facebook Page]. Periodically messages are sent to the page with questions about the movement. Here are the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions [shoot me a message] or leave a comment below.

Who are you?

Casey Abbott Payne, born and raised in Milwaukee, living in Taiwan, and mixed-race. I created the Black Lives Matter Milwaukee Facebook Page. I need to finish my “About Me” page…

What is Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a decentralized movement powered by people like you! The slogan “Black Lives Matter” organically grew from its use as a hashtag (#BlackLivesMatter) on Twitter.

There is also an “official” website for the movement ( but, as I said, the movement is decentralized.

Is There A Milwaukee Chapter of Black Lives Matter?

There isn’t one, but there could be!

If YOU would like to take the initiative in creating a formal organization, leave a comment below . I can create events on the Facebook Page to help promote a meetings or events.

With the help of people like you, two spoken word events were organized each with over 50 people in attendance. There is a lot of momentum and energy driving the movement so creating a monthly gathering would be very easy to do if some one, or organization, would like to make it a reality.

An more official organization would grow from a regular meeting of like-minded individuals like yourself.

How Can I Get Involved?

This is the question I get asked the most frequently. My quick answer is to work with established groups and organizations in the city who have been active in ending institutionalized racism and oppression.

Donate time and resources where you believe you can make the greatest impact!

Where Can I Get Apparel, Buttons, Stickers and Signs Stickers?

We can work together to make getting these items locally as easy and ethical as possible!

Until we figure out a way to locally produce Black Lives Matter apparel, buttons, stickers and signs to raise funds to support the movement in Milwaukee, I recommend searching the Etsy marketplace.

I do not profit and have not been paid to recommend them. I recommend Etsy because it is a professional and diverse marketplace where you can support independent artists making unique items. It also provides complete transparency with where your money is going.

There is also an “official” store for the movement ( I am hesitant to recommend that website because it doesn’t appear to be a nonprofit organization and it is unclear to me where the proceeds go.

Don’t be afraid of making your own signage or apparel!

Organizations and Groups that are Friendly to the Cause

Until a formal Black Lives Matter Milwaukee organization is created the best thing you can do is join and/or support groups that are already actively addressing issues in Milwaukee’s African American community.

Showing Up For Racial Justice

SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice.

National: Website | Facebook Page LocalFacebook Group | Twitter

The Coalition for Justice

This group was created by family and supporters of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot 14 times and killed by a Milwaukee Police Officer in April of 2014.

Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Twitter

First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee

The Black Lives Matter movement is one we care deeply about at First Church. We’re happy to provide you with some resources for this ongoing movement.

List of Resources

This list will grow with your help! Leave a comment below or [contact me] with details for other organizations that should be added to the list.

Parting Words

There is a lot of misinformation circulating around the web about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Be vigilant with your research! Don’t trust memes/viral content on Facebook. Anyone can do something in the name of Black Lives Matter, but not everyone is doing it in the spirit of the movement.

If you see grammar or spelling mistakes, outdated or false information or would like me to add additional information and resources please leave a comment below. I’ve created this page to serve you.

You’re welcome to use the comment area below to ask more organize with others. I need to approve the comments, but once I do you’ll be able to post without approval. Feel free to pass this page on to others.

If you have additional questions or resources post them below!

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