Reason 8: Magda Gives Me The Feels (and I don’t mind)

So I had the feels the last few days. It was interesting. Normally I’m like FUCK THESE FEELS. But since they were related to Magda I decided to feel them (cuz I lurvs her).

I BEST part was running into [the feels meme]! It wasn’t so funny the other day but… it’s hilarious now! lol I grabbed all my favorites. Enjoy!

Here’s some feels music for ambiance.

789 591 fri1SfH 1350064020600 1333670990915 1353342299896 tumblr_mbwryrm29F1rtbhwno1_500 1343066224120 1343066409984 1348075831798 gt+that+feel+when+no+gf+_215bb87135ed7cd3334abd734a325578 34713379 e8d I_feel 810 fb6 internet-memes-that-feel-when1 4c1 10173818_835546289792765_1188303568_n Wwwyoutubecom+watch+v+szeea3twsu0+gt+tfw+i+can+play+_71fd27631e3e6115ee758610ce3c9582 are-you-aware-of-how-many-feels-you-were-feeling_c_1008745 7f0 all_your_feel_belong_to_us ef4 adventure-feel_o_1039048 2becc0f247d811bed9bb1013fd33747ac56e946f8bea0c6520eddba09d639d30 2e1bc07875aac9f5d9a6a494b30278c4cc034b23fa2d1fab09ec9b41e3a51356 Dude+I+love+the+Feel+meme+I+did+this+for+_95ff49b998945d7b184d9761f940c1f7 feels-bro-aliencs f0f2e7fb7a7788a426d4076fe4e75c-559c8bf457806 4437636+_b2c13ed84c5b346145dbb94af374b256 FEELS-waveBrace+yourselves.+too+many+damn+feels_e26c64_3785839 1050 oh-the-feels-begin_o_1818433-53eb9b5338c28



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