Reason 21: Magda’s The Best Teacher In The World!

Magda likes to act like she doesn’t like or care about teaching. She LOVES teaching. She comes home pumped about teaching stuff. She gets pumped about teaching stuff. She gets pumped about planning to teach stuff. Student love her.

And that’s just English teaching!

She’s also my best teacher. She taught me what real love is all about from loving me like no other woman ever has. She says she was stupid in her younger days, but she wasn’t. She was authentically and fully loving and caring (for a young dude hell bent on changing the world at any and all costs!) She’s also teaching me how to better connect with my feels. She’s also teaching me how to truly be compassionate. My beliefs tell me to selflessly serve the world. By totally submitting myself to Magda’s wants and needs I’m learning what it truly means to be selfless. I can also trust her to keep me on my path (during the free I have when not serving HRH. lol 😉 )

The craziest part is, she teaches me all of this stuff by just being herself! She doesn’t need to do anything else but be herself.

Now I just need to start selflessly making some money cuz…


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