Reason 22: Magda’s Cool With Being A Goddess



Rolling around in the spirit realm is so much fun! Magda lets me do it too! (Assuming I’m eating my Cheerios and getting enough sleep… one out of two ain’t bad!)

I’m becoming extremely well versed at switching into the mindset I need to for the moment. I can’t let the crazy spill out all over the place all the time. 🙂 I understand that I’m a walking talking Casey Abbott Payne but… The most funnest part about life is interpreting it however you please.

In my personal story Magda is the Goddess Guanyin. I’m her Golden Dragon to ride (not like that! Dirty! Like, to take her to cool places and smooth the choppy waters of life. 🙂 )


I’m so committed to my story that Magda’s tattooed on my back. (That will forever be you, the Goddess Guanyin. That will always be the story.)


And there am I, the Monkey King, slowly taking human form (with the guidance of Guanyin). Once the transformation into human is complete, I’ll have the necessary skills to become a human golden dragon (stories are fun! 😀 )

Because her cat’s name is Isis I was looking for a picture of Isis and ran into this video. I decided to skip ahead to see if there was anything cool and ran directly into this part. It was fated by the spirits!



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