Nobody Cares About You and Your Problems

I was thinking about a couple of life situations this morning and was struck with an obvious and somewhat harsh truth. Nobody cares.

What people care about is their problems and what troubles them. Take, for example, the relationship of a mother and child. The child’s problems are only the mother’s problem to the extent that she loves the child (which affects her emotional reality) or the child’s effect on the mother’s physical reality. She’s not acting in the child’s interests. She’s acting in her own.

This is a cold hard truth for everyone everywhere.

I’m not writing this from a perspective of not caring. I am nurturing compassion for all sentient beings and think you should too! I’m doing my best to care about you and your problems. 😉 I’m writing this from something I realized this morning. A lot of people try to make their problems your problems in manipulative, ungrateful ways in an attempt to make you care when you don’t, or they don’t think you care enough. I don’t think this is a reflection of that particular individual though. I, more and more with each passing day, don’t see individuals.

What do I see?

Perhaps it is a web of sentient beings trying to escape [dukkha] (suffering). I suppose I do see individuals but I, more and more, can’t see them without seeing the web of karma which both creates them and  minimizes their “themness” to practically nothing.

Anyone who tries to convince you that their problems are your problems are using the best tools they have at their disposal to release their suffering of the moment.

I suppose I’m also not writing this to convince you that nobody cares about you and your problems. I’m certain someone does! I should have titled this:

Nobody cares about me and my problems.

Not because no one cares. There are someones that definitely do! I suppose this thought is more related to the intricate dance of karma that creates youness and meness. How can you care if there is no me or you to care about?


Everyone cares about their problems

is a better title.

I am grateful for the ones that include me in their problematic equations. I hope you are grateful for the ones who include you in theirs.

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