1. I couldn’t agree more with you about meetings. I have my own form of busy. Gotta go get a haircut soon, so I’ll keep this short. I’m going through all the stuff in the garage that came out of your room. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to hang on to. I’m taking stuff to Shop on State. You sound like you’re doing well. I’m glad you’re in Taiwan and not in the dysfunctional USA where disturbed white guys can murder a bunch of people, but it’s not terrorism and it has nothing to do with automatic weapons and we can’t profile white guys, even though they commit a vast majority of mass shootings.


    • Hmmm… what stuff is in the garage? I can’t even remember. Use your best judgment about anything you think I might want. Things I want would have some kind of “historical” significance (like a book, a letter or something like that).


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