1. I’m all in for option B. I’m reading a book, America’s Original Sin by a white guy aimed at white people trying to get them to understand white privilege. At least it’s an attempt.


  2. I am continuously impressed with your ability to journal in a coherent narrative, when I journal I keep wanting to go back and edit or expand, or jump around. Good stuff, we need to get it digital and borrow from this heavily, especially for the class application. I find that properly channeled rage is a powerful motivator. Let’s see how we can flow with it.


    • Thanks, Oleg! Yeah, I think being able to flow in written form comes from all of the practice I’ve had flowing in spoken form. When I do a video and the whole thing is spoken there’s a lot of mental organizing that I might do before recording the video. Writing is SO much easier in comparison. I don’t really go back and read anything, but it’s easy to keep a nice pace and keep things connected because it’s happening at a slower pace.

      Yes! We do have to include WHY language into that landing page. We should encourage people to include why language in all of their projects (I know I’m responding here to a message somewhere else. 🙂 ) I think I’m going to start one of his books. I’ve slowed down on “Reinventing Organizations” book.


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