Day 23: Starting My Business Canvas

Every morning one of the first things I normally do is pull out my paper journal and talk to myself about what I want to get done today. Moving forward I’m going to try doing this process digitally and share the results with you. 🙂

“Thoughtless Journaling”

Yesterday I discovered “Riskiest Assumption Testing” and it seems like a beautiful thing. Before running into this I always had an MVP (minimum viable product) somewhere in the back of my mind. The MVP will still be a part of the process but now listing my assumptions, assigning risk and testing them will come first. It’s also clear to me that this is something a person can become extremely objectively good at. It’s also clear to me that this sort of thinking is something that could be applied to any area in life which warrants reflection before investing personal time, energy and resources.

What I’d like to do today is practice the art of creating assumptions.

Researching the Business Model Canvass

I watched this video and took some notes.

What’s crazy to me is that I had the book for this sitting in my house for weeks on loan from Steve Glynn during the Spreenkler days. It was hard for me to be focused on building a startup at that time because miltownkid was in the middle of his 15 minutes of YouTube fame and still trying to figure out how to manage bipolar disorder.

I looked up that video because I feel like I’m in a “which came first” scenario. I started with “do things that don’t scale” in mind without really giving thought to what the business would be. I’ve been focusing on creating an in-person support group for people with bipolar. I’ve made a lot of headway there. I’ve found a place to hold the meetups. I’m working with an organization for guidance and to establish an international chapter. I also tentatively have permission to use a nonprofit’s status to sponsor establishing the chapter. All is well with that mission!

Back to the canvass! Since I want to start testing my riskiest assumptions I need to… figure out what I’m assuming! I also need to figure out if it’s risky or not! The thing is… if I don’t have anything to lose I’m not risking anything. That’s when I realized that I’m losing something every single day… time. Time I could be spending looking for work or doing work.

If I’m not coming up with a plan to make what I’m doing sustainable I will have to significantly cut back how much time I’m spending on it. I better come up with a plan! and

Clicking around I ended up on these two resources. The 12 week MVP email list comes with a 10-day guide for validating your business. I received the first email today and will be working on it each day. has a whole backend system! I start playing with it today as well. It looks as though they’ll have premium plans but that isn’t even something you can sign up for right now.

I want to start doing problem exploration and solution validation as quickly as I can! (In a moderate, sustainable fashion of course. 😉 )

Wrap Up

I’m going to have to get used to having somewhat incomplete posts done each day! I feel like I have a pretty good system for pushing these posts out. There’s a Google Doc’s Addon that lets you push Google Docs into a WordPress draft. I just now today found out that having images inserted into the Doc automatically embeds them into the post as well. I was scared to try it yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll be focused on filling out a Trello business canvas template for my bipolar project.

I should mention that some great progress was made on an apartment that I’ll be managing. My idea is to turn it into a cooperative/collective of some kind with cool people doing cool things living in it. I may have to state that more clearly than that, but it’s working for now. Someone from the Milwaukee martial arts network is moving to Taiwan in February and needs a place to stay. He’s seen the video of the place and really likes it. I’m hoping he’ll be able to evolve into the on-site manager of sorts for the place. We’ll see what happens!

These are some loose links I had in the Doc when I exported it. The first two is what I’ll be grabbing information for creating customer interview questions (for validating assumptions). The bottom one is a really dope image searching website!

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