Day 31: Let’s Get Social!


Some quick Googling brought me to Will be checking it out tomorrow. Needed a photo… lol


Wrap Up

Today felt both totally unproductive and totally productive at the same time! Things started out a little rough. We went to bed late and Magda had to catch a flight early. Then I went over to the rental apartment to get the internet setup, but they ran into a snag where they’re going to have to come back out. I had therapy which was cool. I talked about a lot of different things but the big takeaway was reflecting on my inability to ask for help. Ever hear of gratitude journals? I thought about starting a “helpfulness” journal. I tested the asking for help waters by asking my buddy Eddie for help with something. 🙂

When I got home I had things that needed doing but… I just kind of zoned out instead. I watched a documentary about Trump on Netflix. It was the last episode in a series called “Dirty Money”. It was really good! Eddie ended up inviting me out for cigars and that ended up being really excellent. Cigars is where things felt the most productive. Talking about my mental health project we came to the conclusion that it might not be a bad idea to start a private social network. I actually love building social networks. I even created a personal Facebook of sorts with phpBB back in the day before Facebook was available to the public (I didn’t know it existed at the time).

I’m actually pretty excited about that. Before I actually build anything I’m just going to set up a professional looking landing page explaining what it is and see if I can get people to sign up.

Anyhow… off to bed with me!

Oh! I told my YouTube fam that I’d share this podcast about LinkedIn I was listening to. I’m not done with it yet but it’s been really good so far!

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