Day 32: Customer Love is All You Need


This is Reid Hoffman looking creepy af lol I started listening to his podcast Masters of Scale today

Super long day! Up early. Meeting. Right at the end of the meeting, I get a call from the internet company saying they can finish installing the internet at the rental apartment. I pop over there. Get the internet setup. Then I have a chat with the guy who will be staying there next week. Then I clean up a bit then… off to work! After work, I have to boogie home to meet up with Walter to work on some writing. Walter leaves and… Boom… Here I am all sleep af.

I want to add more things but… I should really sleep. I should be able to write some in the morning. 🙂

As for the bipolar project, things are going strong! Every day I spend a little time on Reddit or doing a little research. I’m going to be building and launching something in the not too distant future. After I validate the market of course!

Why Customer Love is All You Need

It’s better to have 100 users who love you than 1 million who kinda like you. – Sam Altman

While adding that creepy af photo I was reminded of that quote from the episode I was listening to today. The timing of the quote is perfect too. What I want to build isn’t very novel. Not the platform anyhow. What’s going to be novel is how the platform is used and then how it will naturally evolve because of how it is used… Wait… I’ll come back to that… love.

I keep writing and deleting stuff here… it ends up sounding sappy to me… lol Here… I’ll share a thought I had today about what I’d like to create. I want to create a space where every single person who registers gets treated like a human. Like… they get greeted with the compassion and love that every human craves and deserves. Every. Single. Person. The people will be coming to this space for emotional and mental healing and that’s what I want to provide for every single human soul that signs up. To be honest… if I could do what I have in mind for 100 people over the course of my life, app or not, service or not, that would be an accomplishment that I’d be proud of… Now I have a goal! I suppose even before the 100 I could make it so ONE person absolutely loves it! Then 2, then 3, then…


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