Day 33: All You Need is Co


This is all I think about.


Thoughtless Journaling

This journaling needs to be thoughtless as I need to hurry up and go pack! Well… I don’t have to super hurry, I have about 3 hours, but I don’t want to save things to the last minute… well… my flight doesn’t leave for another 24 hours but I want it done early!

As I crawl around the web looking at different communities for people with mental illness it’s becoming clear to me that there really is a need for a platform to help facilitate the process of finding, creating and managing groups. Groups are currently “hacked” together using forum software, Facebook group, Reddit and other services like this. These are all outstanding solutions but if something was built with mental health in mind from the beginning it would be a very different product. Like, for example, I ran into TW (trigger warning) and CN (content warning) today.

The above two examples are designed so that people can skip the post if they think reading it might trigger “bad thoughts”. That’s just one of probably hundreds of little tweaks that could be done to make these communities more effective. The exciting thing to me is “network effect”. Right now all of these communities stay in their own bubbles. This means that if there is help or resources needed that is available in a different groups/bubble there isn’t an easy way to communicate that. This feature is important to me because I’ve experienced manic episodes outside of the US on three different occasions. One of the times I was extremely lucky to have been able to compose myself enough to take a plane back to the US. That was REALLY hard! I was freaking out the whole flight! Anyhow, a peer-to-peer powered network would have been extremely helpful in those situations. Especially in situations where a person doesn’t speak the local language or know the culture.

I don’t know what exactly is missing but I do know SOMETHING is missing! A lot of somethings are missing in this world… >.< In my mind, every single person on the planet who needs mental health support should be a part of a good mental health support network whether on the platform I create or though something else. That might end up being a mission of mine… connecting everyone struggling with mental health to a network of peers and professionals who will be there for them. Over time, the network should end up turning a lot of people who are struggling with mental illness into people who are able to deliver support!

Alright… let’s get to packing!

All You Need is Co


Don’t ask Magda how many times I’ve watched “Edge of Tomorrow”. I actually found out about “All You Need is Kill” because after I saw the preview for “Edge of Tomorrow” I was like “Didn’t no American come up with that idea!” (how nationalistismist of me) and… sure enough…


Man… It’s 1:25 am as I write this. When I was supposed to be packing earlier I ended up wandering around the web thinking about names for an app or website or… something… I’m not sure… lol I was researching different social media software packages too… why? I don’t know… Oh! One reason is that I was listening to a podcast about Mark Zuckerburg’s “Move fast and break things,” early Facebook philosophy. It made me want to move fast and break things! (That said… I’m already pretty good at that. >.<)

OH! I just remembered that I was going to share what I wrote to Shane to tell this part of the story…

Facebook Message to Shane

FRI 8:00PM

I was “wasting” time today thinking about the name for an app/social network/I don’t know.

I notice when I’m in “wasting” time mode but… I’ve been trying to “see” where it takes me. How it’s connected to something cool. Not so much as an excuse to do it but… everything is leading you somewhere. Good things… bad things…

Anyhow… I’ve been wanting to use “co” somehow. Co seems like the magic. Cooperation, community, collaboration, coordination… you get it right?

Before I left for work I thought “All You Need Is Co” ( I thought that was pretty cool. Then I started thinking “All We Need is Co”. Then I had to go to work…

When I got back I noticed “All You Need is Co” is kind of like “All You Need is Kill”, that book and movie (Edge of Tomorrow) that I like. Nice…

Then I started looking at the acronym ayni it’s almost like 愛你 (aini, pronounced eye-knee, love you in Chinese). When I typed “ayni” into Google it suggested “ayni meaning”. The meaning?

“The word Ayni means “today for you, tomorrow for me”” or, in more detail… [from Wikipedia]

“In communities like the Q’ero, five principles define the Andean way of life: munay (to love), yachay (to learn, know, and remember), llan’kay (to work), kawsay (life), and ayni (reciprocity).[3] Among them, ayni is regarded as the most important principle, as it provides the backbone of life. This is because ayni is not limited to being compensated for earlier help; a more broad definition of ayni would be the exchange of energy between humans, nature, and the universe.[4]”

I immediately bought! lol I’ve felt a pull to Peru for a LONG long time now. That’s a really weird way to discover that! I mean… All You Need Is AYNI (AYNI (AYNI) (…))) lol

Like… while trying to come up with the perfect way to express this feeling I have about connection I created an acronym which is a word for something that perfectly expressed how I feel about connection! lol

Oh! And to come back around to “time wasting”. Sometimes wasting time makes weird stuff like this happen and then… it’s not a waste! I mean… it’s all AYNI anyhow, it can’t be wasted. 😉

(Note: I decided to include this message on my blog to give people a dose of the kind of messages I randomly send you… lol)

Wrap Up

Long and awesome day today!

So many things happened! “All You Need is Co” (that’s really growing on me!) I bought a new backpack.

Silver Bruce Lee got a new home.

I visited One Red Bruce Lee and had a bowl of chili.

So many things! One Red Bruce Lee is set up at the Green Hornet Cafe. After I finished eating I talked to the owner about my rental project and he had a lot to say about doing a bed and breakfast or an Airbnb in the area. I’m excited about seeing how this all unfolds! 😀

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