Day 38: Dreaming About YouTube


That one time I had a viral video…


Late Night Journaling

I’m finding myself being fascinated with “YouTube” again… I put YouTube in quotes because it represents so many different things. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, etc. I’ll have to thank Logan Paul one day! He’s the guy who made that video in Japan’s “suicide forest” and made a media splash. That whole thing sent me down a YouTube black hole… one I hadn’t gone down in many many many years.

I’m Poppy

Through a post on Facebook I found out Poppy was in my hometown. I had no idea who poppy was so I decided to look! First I found this:

Intrigued I clicked through some of her other videos. They were equally weird. Then I watched this:

And then this:

Fun times! Oh… and then the other day I ran into…

Respekting Wamen

The above video is just… a weird mashup of a lot of different technologies to sociological and cultural things and… it’s just… interesting. lol

A freestyled late night thought to make sense of the above videos…

So… back in my miltownkid days, I was flirting with the idea of making miltownkid “real”. I mean… he kind of was real because it was “me”, but I wanted to take him to the next level! Change my name and just walk talk eat sleep and breath miltownkid 24/7/365. It took some time, but I eventually retired that idea. BUT, there is an element of that idea that isn’t retired!

Before I talk about the unretired part of the idea a part of the reason mtk had to be retired is that all of his core values didn’t properly align with “my” (Casey Abbott Payne’s) core values… lol That made things complex! Casey’s core values are much easier to operate within the “real” world…

Alright! The not retired idea! So… I have this goal of being a (un)celebrity. **long pause searching for explanation** What I’d love to see is people celebrating… THEMSELVES. What’s weird about that is celebrity is an outstanding vehicle for delivering messages! I think I struggled with that as miltownkid. Like… it’s actually pretty easy to create “viral” videos, get a bunch of subscribers, etc. What isn’t easy is taking that kind of fame and doing something impactful with it…

I have a bunch of different threads in my mind at the moment… let me sort them out one at a time.

Breaking the 4th AND 5th Wall

I did this thing called “miltownkid LIVE” once. I made a movie that was going to be screened in a theater but I, as an audience member, needed to perform for my alter ego miltownkid.

That was fun! There are so many fun things like that I’d like to put together… In a way, I think we’re moving in a direction where that’s just kind of what’s going on all of the time everywhere. People adding to their Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories. Live Streaming, etc. The evolution to that is where the border between work, leisure, and entertainment becomes even more blurry. Like… I always wanted SUPREME interaction with my subscribers but as you scale up in numbers it becomes harder and harder to do! Now I’m working on a new model! Instead of subscribers, I’ll be fishing for collaborators. Not just collaborators in creating media, but collaborators in creating businesses, jobs, art, etc.

You know… what I really want to do is provide a “basic income” for as many people as possible but… I guess it wouldn’t really be “basic income” as I would want the people getting this basic income to be a part of the process of creating the wealth…

Like… this “rental property” is slowly becoming, in my mind, a business, media and community hub. My mind is installing gear for podcast creation, video production, doing work, meeting, making videos, etc.

You know… I’m having this flashback of a building I’d like to create. Now that I think about it, WeWork has kind of created it in a lot of ways. It always seemed like it would be cool to get a lot of people with the same “vision” in close proximity working on stuff. Like… if a bunch of musicians lived together, in the same building not necessary the same house/apartment. They could collaborate with each other, work on solo projects, etc. Then, in the same building, there could be a music studio. Paying rent came with studio time built into it… or something. Now, blow that one music thing up into a bunch of little tribes of people into the same stuff. Coders, designers, teachers, video editors, etc… Heh… Now I want to buy a 3D printer for that new apartment… I better stop. I’m not going anywhere with this post! lol

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