Day 39: Waterworld




Morning Journaling

I stayed up a little too late “Dreaming About YouTube” so when I woke up Magda was concerned about my sleep quality and energy levels (if you don’t know, I’m bipolar). After a little frustrated (on both sides) back and forth I got her to send me an email detailing her concerns and proposed solution. One of the problems with being so “calculating” is that I want data supporting suggestions I get for managing myself. This is problematic when dealing with emotions.

Anyhow, I made another discovery in my quest to master the art of managing bipolar disorder for myself… and the world! I’ve been doing a good job of self-monitoring my mood, anxiety, and energy levels. Today made it clear to me that I gather input from a third party (Magda!) as well. I don’t think showing her the results of my own tracking would be as powerful as looking at her own. An app which synced my data and her data would be awesome.

Evening Journaling

Long day today!

I’m at my grandma’s house right now. I lived here for 4 years before moving to Taiwan in late 2016. While living here I ended up working for someone in town. Anytime I visit I end up reclaiming my old job momentarily. Today was that day. The day was already going to be long but it ended up being a little bit longer because a routine trip to the basement turned into what you see above. That ended up soaking up (*ba dum ching!*) a lot of time.

Something else I did today was message some of the people the responded to my job posting. I think my posting with worth sharing with you here…

I’ll be Batman, You Be Alfred

Alfred’s skills, resources, and abilities from Wikipedia:

“A highly intelligent and resourceful man, Alfred runs the day-to-day operations of Wayne Manor and maintains much of the equipment of the Batcave beneath it. A former actor, he can use his acting and disguise skills to help Batman in the field when necessary and is even capable of impersonating Bruce Wayne on the telephone convincingly, as well as giving Bruce various lessons that help him maintain his covers.”

Even though Alfred is a man in the movies and comics, both men and women should apply!

I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and my projects. If it sounds interesting to you, let’s talk!

[You can view the whole posting here]

Science Nerds

I’m really looking forward to reaching out to “science nerds” for my bipolar/mental health project. I didn’t get a chance to really read through this but when I was thinking about new metrics for measuring my mood I came across the below paper. In the paper, they track the effectiveness of 13 people using their cellphone to monitor bipolar disorder. I’m sure they’ll have a lot of solid information to give me about whatever it is I work on creating! Science nerds ftw.


Reach out to these people about your project. They could help craft what should be measured and how.

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