Day 54: The Halfway Point

I reread my day one post and in it I use surfing as a metaphor for my life philosophy of “flowing to my dream”. I ran into the video above this morning and it’s perfect for this halfway point update. It’s a documentary about a surfer who rose to the top while battling bipolar disorder along the way.

I’ve gone through a lot of changes between day 1 and day 54. One of those changes has been switching to being completely focused on my startup, “Being Bipolar, Inc.” (I’ve actually incorporated, that’s the name!) There are so many things to catch “you” up on!

Rebooting My Routines

Of the four pieces of content I wanted to produce during this 108 cycle I’ve stuck with two, a video a day and posting my mental health report each day. I’ve been EXTREMELY good at maintaining my daily morning routine until last weekend when I decided to go on a drunken dance adventure (video of that day). After this weekend I want to get back on top of it!

I’m going to start doing the 9-day updates again. NO MATTER WHAT! Something else I picked up during this 108-day cycle was using a bullet journal. The use of that fell off as well, but one thing I really liked was making a little line each day about what happened (key events). Being able to scan through the past week/month was really nice.

So, for the next 54 days of this cycle I’m going to:

  • Journal (morning) and Bullet Journal (morning and evening) daily.
  • Post a 9-day update. I like the idea of it moving around instead of just being on the weekend. Keeps me on my toes!
  • Continue posting my daily mental health update

Just those three things. I think those are the foundation for other things (daily meditation, getting shit done, etc.)

What Went Down the Last 54 Days?

I’m just going to scan the titles of my YouTube videos and drop some highlights.

  • Got the wheels rolling on creating a Taiwan Podcast Network
  • Started looking for a full-time job (and then stopped to focus on the startup)
  • Did stand-up comedy
  • Incorporated my company
  • Started listening to Kanye’s new album daily (listening to it now… lol)
  • 100%ed King Oddball (and uploaded a video of the hardest challenge)
  • Cried at therapy
  • Old PS4 died and picked up a new one

The biggest challenge is beginning to start working on my startup full-time. That’s going to be the biggest focus on the next 54 days which… is perfect timing for the 9-day updates. This coming Friday is my last day of work so the startup will be able to get my full attention.

I’ll leave you with a photo of this guy having a lunchtime beer that I saw while on an afternoon run.

One comment

  1. I think the video every day and checking your mental health every day seems to be helping you notice when you are getting manic. Personal message from Ms. D–tell Casey I miss him. She’s on PI, but she’s got good help:)


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