Days 64-72: Getting into the Swing of the Things

The things, I’m swinging with them!

I have this idea of doing 9-day recaps on this blog during my 108 days cycles. I missed the last one because I wasn’t yet swinging with the things. It’s hard to do a recap without notes!

No Seroquel

Now that I think about it, this is probably my biggest adjustment from these last 9 days. July 2nd, oddly enough 9 days ago, was the last night that I took Seroquel to help me with sleep. I’ve had a lot of rough nights of trying to sleep since then which had led to a lot of tired days. The tradeoff has felt worth it though as I’ve had more energy in the mornings. I even wake up naturally again! I forgot that I normally wake up early feeling refreshed.

I’ve also had more anxiety and light depression than usual, but I think it’s a product of the lack of sleep and tiredness.

Getting Used to “Startup Life”

A sticker and card from the FounderGym. I’m currently having weekly calls with the founder to learn things.

It’s only been the last two days that I’ve gotten into a nice work rhythm. Things will get progressively busier and busier if everything goes according to “plan’t”.[1] Oh! That’s right! I’ll just mention it here. I register (paid dues and submitted paperwork) for the Founder Institute over the weekend. That program starts on September 4th. I’ll be doing everything I can to be prepared for that between now and then.

The course sounds “grueling” based on their stats. Only 30% of people normally graduate and only 1 out of 30 graduated from Taipei’s first cohort. I’m going to try to have as much done before the program starts as possible.

Marshall Stamper and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu

Marshall making his entrance.
Marshall looking cool for the cameras!

I had the honor of helping Marshall prepare for, warm up for and win his debut match as a professional BJJ fighter over the weekend. I’ve been familiar with 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu for a long time, but I never had the opportunity to experiment with it until meeting Marshall. 10P has a heavy focus on leglocks, something I never spent any time with, so it’s been really fun getting exposed to the leg game.

Hack Mental Health Care

I got brought on as the “Marketing Lead” here and have been responsible for updating the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I gave a shout out to Tim Ferriss for one of the first tweets:

I’m excited to see how this organizationism grows in the coming months. So far they’ve done two hackathons (Wikipedia), one a reverse hackathon focused on mental health. The idea is to organize more events in more locations around the world and get more products to market which help ease the, often unnecessary, suffering that comes with a mental illness. I plan on playing a part in organizing a hackathon in Taipei at some point.

Fun Things

It just hit me that it would be fun to make a log of the video and board games I’m playing and places I’ve gone… I’ll have to think about how I would incorporate that into everything. The big game of the last 9 days was Rayman Legends. Not only did I beat it but I rescued all of the enslaved teensies from the baddies. I started up Persona 5. The Persona games always start slow (super slow). Things JUST got interesting right before I decided to sit down and write this.

Always in the Swing of Things

Every year for the last 10 years I’ve created goals for the year. This year is the first year I did away with the goals (for the year). I instead wanted to bring the focus into the process. The day-to-day. I still need objectives/goals but they’re acting as tools for the process as opposed to the process being the tool to achieve the goals. I suppose the ideal is to have both things in balance. The right kind of 5,000-year goal to power the 500-year goal to power the 50-year goal to power the 5-year goal to power the 1-year goal to power the 1-month goal to power the daily goals.

The thing is, we live inside of processes, not goals. I’m totally rambling now, but I’ll just roll with it. What I was really going to comment on with the idea of being, or not being, in the “swing” of things.

A swing seems like a good metaphor for the day to do. When a person is in “the swing of things” they’re probably feeling that effortless effect of gravity. Even if they’re working hard, everything just seems on point. They’re on top of their habits, everything is falling into place, things are going smooth but then… you get to the top of the arc on the other side. Things start to slow down, no matter how hard you try things aren’t going your way… sadness… then… here it is… things pick up again… yay!

It’s like we’re in a constant state of trying to get into that perfect swing groove. Sometimes it comes, and last months… years even… but then it fades. It’s just kind of a natural part of being a sentient being.

Anyhow… the point I’m trying to make is that whether I’m on my A game (early to bed, early to rise, exercise, yoga, 1 hour of meditation, mountain runs) or on my D game (late to bed, early to rise (no sleep), 5 hours of video games, 2PM breakfast) I’m in the swing of things. 😀

Perhaps it would have been more accurately titled “Getting into the downward swing of things”. 🙂

[1]Plan’t – Free will is an illusion. An EXTREMELY convincing one, but an illusion nonetheless. That said, operating as if it isn’t is the best course of action (although whether you decide to or not isn’t up to you. 😉 ) “Plan’t” is something I came up with after watching a PewDiePie video with the yesn’t meme. If I say something is going according to plan’t it’s acknowledging the fact that I either don’t have a plan, but things are going smoothly anyways, or that I do have a plan, but know the plan is really a “plan”.

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