Days 73-82: Go Follow Your Dream

miltownkid is clearly awake!

5 years ago I consulted the I-Ching about what I should do about the MilTownKlan and decided to “Retreat in Order to Advance Later”. It appears as though later has arrived! Hmmm… speaking of the I-Ching, I haven’t consulted it in a long time. There’s a certain kind of magic that happens from regularly consulting the I-Ching. You can use it a lot of different ways. I used it as a way to learn to “let go”. If I ever ran into a situation where I was struggling to make a decision I’d consult it and “go with the flow”. As the years went on I consulted it less and less. I suppose I got what I wanted out of it.

Now when I use it it’s to gain “perspective” on a situation. I’ll have a situation in mind. Something like “I’d like insight into [blank].” Here… I’ll do it in real time.

I’d like some insight into the MilTownKlan.

If you want to watch the whole process with commentary, click the video. The short version is that it told me to “be calm and calculated… OR ELSE!” That’s good. I was actually thinking about waking up tomorrow and trying to bang out a bunch of tweets but instead, I’ll wake up and formulate a game plan. Think about the next logical steps. Take my time.

Lots of Running, Not a lot of Sleep

Taipei at 5am

A little over a week ago I ran up to the top of the mountain near my house and thought to myself “I love this. Why don’t I do this every day?” Ever since then I’ve been doing it every day. After about 4 days I remember thinking to myself “Is this sustainable?” I think like it might be. Every morning I wake up excited about my morning run.

Speaking of waking up… every day I’ve been waking up really early! Today I woke up at 2:30am! Over the course of the last 2 weeks, I think I’ve slept an average of about 5.5 hours. The most being 7.5 and the least 2 hours. The reason I was up at 2am today is that I only slept 2 hours two nights before so I passed out at like 7:00pm last night.

This is that Wu-Tang Shit

I had a really manic week. I got a lot of messages from the universe. Numerology was doing all kinds of crazy things… it was just… crazy. After today’s reading of the I-Ching, I’m going to dial that crazy down. Screw the top back onto the elixir of the spirits and put it back on the shelf for a bit. That’s all I’ll say about that… if you want more words (a LOT more words) go look at my YouTube channel for videos from around this time! Lol

Go Follow Your Dream

Ryan’s last slide from Friday Night’s presentation at MOX

You know… something just hit me. Back in Milwaukee, I used to go to a monthly meetup about startups and entrepreneurship but… I was always in my own “miltownkid” world. I liked hearing the stories and talking to the people but I was never super focused on the nuts and bolts of starting a business. What I just realized from this slide is that what I was drawn to was the dreamers. Entrepreneurs, for whatever reasons they’re called to entrepreneurship, are dreamers. They have to be. When you hear “entrepreneurship” money and business come to mind but it’s really about a dream. Someone is dreaming about creating a product, solving a problem, making money to change some situation in their life…

Write before I typed “You know…” what I was going to say is that I really like going to these things because they attract dreamers and doers. People at different stages of their dream mastery.

It’s getting late for me (7:30pm). Lol I’ll just leave this post there. I’m a couple days behind schedule but… it’s still right on schedule. I’m super excited about my next 108 days. It’s going to be exclusively focused on the startup program that I’ll be attending.

Night! See you in a week or so. 🙂

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