1: 108 Days of Being Bipolar

Over the course of the next 108 days, I’ll be documenting my experience with the Founder Institute* as I build “Being Bipolar Inc.”

This documentation will come in a few forms. This website will continue to be my journal.* As I write this I’m thinking I don’t want any parameters on the content that I’ll produce over the course of the next 108. I’ll write when the spirit moves me.

On the YouTube channel that accompanies this persona* I’ll reboot daily videos. I think, in many ways, I’ll just pick up where I left off. I’ll just let those be whatever they decide to be.

The real fun will be shaping my newest, and most ambitious, persona…


While paper and pen journaling some ideas about how I want to implement this new persona something interesting came up.

I’m not looking at this persona (just) like a CEO who has bipolar disorder. I’m looking at this persona like the CEO of the word “bipolar” and what it means in the collective minds across languages and cultures. As the CEO of “bipolar”, it is my job to change the conversation, definitions, and stigma (remove it) around the label bipolar. I, in fact, don’t even view myself as having bipolar disorder. Bipolar is becoming doublespeak for shaman.

Bipolar is overused as a label by cultures who are either ignorant of indigenous knowledge or have lost the ability to harness the spirits of those blessed and cursed with the gift to see through, what the prophet Kanye West calls, the simulation.

In my world, the only world that matters to me, I’m a shaman. I’m not saying that all people who have been diagnosed with bipolar are, or have the potential to be, shamans. I can only speak for myself. I am saying that all people who have been diagnosed with bipolar have a stronger connection to the spirit realm.

If I am successful as CEO of Bipolar, when someone is diagnosed with bipolar disorder it will mark the beginning of a spiritual journey of self-discovery instead of a “death sentence” to being able to live a balanced life.

The moniker “real” is in there on purpose to mimic Donald Trump. While I don’t agree with much of what he does politically, I am able to respect his ability to generate PR and steer the collective conversations he finds himself in. He is hands down, the first “New Media President”.

I’m beginning to feel like the “realBipolarCEO” is opening the door to me finding a “pure” voice. I’m actually looking at the “realBipolarCEO” as the guy I was before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was born from my spirit walk (manic episode) which led to the diagnosis.

He is the one who created miltownkid. He also created Casey Abbott Payne, He’s the architect, the strategist, the storyteller. He’s the one weaving a narrative between Black Lives Matter and mental health and Taiwan and China and Africa and Black Horse Tai Chi and the Mil-Town Klan and an extremely early-stage company called “Being Bipolar Inc.

This is all a reaction to something one of the first doctors I met with told me.

“You’ll have to take medication for the rest of your life.”

I heard that over and over and over again… actually… it wasn’t until I was hospitalized in Taiwan that a doctor gave me hope. When I asked him about not taking meds he said “We might be able to do that. Let’s see where you’re at in a year.”

Anyhow… I didn’t mean to write all of that. I’m sure more will come out over the course of the 108 days in all of the different places I’ll be producing content. One thing I’m looking forward to is unabashedly embracing is all of the different things I stay involved with. Instead of hiding things across a myriad of profiles, social media accounts and websites they’ll all get representation in one shape or another within the realBipolarCEO.

You can follow the realBipolar CEO on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or the website.

* I wrote 99% of this on the plane back to Taipei from the US.

  • The Founder Institute program has been postponed due to lack of participants I think.
  • I think I’m going to move my journaling to bipolarceo.me and turn this into the place I put my “religious” writings… lol (Daoist, Buddhist, philosophical, etc.)
  • I think I’m going to change the name of my YouTube Channel to Bipolar CEO… I’m not committed yet but… I like it! 🙂

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