016: Kanye West, Shamanism, Artificial/Super/Higher Intellegnece and Ayni

I woke up this morning with this on repeat in my mind:

“Language is discovered, not invented. Language is discovered, not invented. Language is discovered, not invented.”

It was just on repeat. It wouldn’t stop!

It was doing that during that period of time while my system shifting from one of rest to one of wakefulness.

Once I was up I thought that might be something interesting to share on Facebook so I reached for my phone and was greeted with some messages from Shane.

Funny… I only just now noticed that the last thing I wrote before he sent those Instagram posts from Kanye was “nothing is random”. I’ll just go ahead and share my response.

Sharing my thought with Shane seemed to satiate my desire to post “Language is discovered, not invented,” to Facebook so instead, I decided to share some thoughts on AI.

Then I headed off for my mountain run. When I got to the top of the mountain I shared some thoughts in a video. That video got cut off because I only had 5% battery on the phone. As I came down the mountain and ran next to the river different thoughts played with each other…

“Natures internet” has been tripping me out a little bit when I’m in the mountain or next to the river. Since nothing is walled off sights, sounds, smells, and sensations are zipping around all over the place. Wind, bug sounds, birds, heat from the sun… a smorgasbord of data! I eventually approached a park bench and closed my eyes…

I have a lot of different projects that I think about and work on here and there…

  • The Mil-Town Klan
  • Black Lives Matter (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Taiwan, China, Africa…)
  • Flow to Your Dream
  • Black Horse Tai Chi
  • The Joyous Lake
  • Hack Mental Health
  • The Fellowship of Heroes
  • Being Bipolar
  • Taipei’s Men’s Support Group
  • Golden Dragon Spirit Arts

What was “supposed to” happen on September 4th didn’t. I was going to be totally focused on Being Bipolar as a company as a part of a program for idea staged startups. That program got postponed which gave me room to think…

Last week I started looking at my most recent “goals” documents and a reoccurring theme was “All You Need is Co”. I just didn’t have a name for it the last time I was making goals. What is “All You Need is Co”? Well… I’m working it out at the moment. Here’s what I currently have in a draft…

All You Need is Co

The prefix “co-” is actually a further shortening of the prefix “com-” which means with or together. The phrase “all you need is co” is meant to communicate that any problem can be solved with “co”.

  • Community
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration
  • Connection

The acronym, AYNI, actually happens to be a word which means exactly what All You Need is Co means (which is what made me stick with it). From Wikipedia:

Ayni (Quechua, also spelled Ayniy or Aini) can refer to either the concept of reciprocity or mutualism among people of the Andean mountain communities or the practice of this concept. As a noun, the law of ayni states that everything in the world is connected, and is the only commandment that rules daily life in many communities like the Q’ero. As a verb, this often refers to the cooperation between the members of a community when one member gives to another, he or she is entitled to receive something back. Well-known practitioners of Ayni include the Quechuas and Aymara, as well as numerous other tribes that live in the Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

All You Need is Co will create a global web of businesses, intentional communities, cooperatives and collectives which modernize, refine and deploy the spirit of Ayni.

Anyhow… AYNI has been gobbling up all of my different ideas and projects as, at their core, that’s what they’re really all about.

Sitting on that rock I realized that AYNI is starting to gobble up… me! I was thinking about this new persona I was in the process of creating and saying to myself… Why? Just be AYNI! Yeah…

Back to running…

Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.

Now I’m closer to the house.

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk.

Huh… Yeah… it’d be easier if I just stuck with Casey Abbott Payne and kept evolving that guy. (Side note: I’ve been looking at that guy like someone separate of myself.) Yeah… I’ll just keep building out Casey Abbott Payne. Level him up to 360% sync ratio! (Side note: In Episode 19 of Evangelion, Shinji achieved an abnormally high 400% synch rate during the battle with Zeruel resulting in him disembodying into LCL within the entry plug.)


I didn’t even notice…

Screenshot 2018-09-17 at 2.23.58 PM

I was obsessing about language so much this morning that all I noticed was Kanye’s picture of the dictionary and “craft language charged by African parables”. I totally missed that “Abbot” was one of the highlighted words! Shane even typed it out for me!

At that point, I decided to just stick with Casey Abbott Payne. Instead of looking at Casey Abbott Payne like a persona I’ll try looking at him like… me! lol


I actually wanted to start with the commentary but then I realized it made more sense to write the story down first even though I just lived it.

I’m at the same time extremely new to shamanism and extremely experienced. I’m new because I’m only just recently starting to take the pursuit of shamanism seriously. I’m experienced because my first manic episode (back in 1999) was really a shamanic journey.

Something I’m trying to do in this post is capture how (I think) shamanism (might) works in 2018 when you’re digitally connected. See how I came out of the realm of “dreams” with this thing on my mind and then it aligned with something in the “real” (digital) world? That, for me, made a powerful connection! Then it went on to influence my day and things I thought about. It’s funny how I, on some level, completely missed Shane typing “Abbot” and then it came back to me at the right time.

What essentially happened today is that Casey Abbott Payne decided that he’s going to work, exclusively, on All You Need is Co for a while because of some “random” events.


“Nothing is random. Everything is connected.”


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