018: Jogging Presidential Horses and (Good) Omens

I snagged this from Google Images but it’s a part of a pack from Getty Images. I’m going to message them and ask if it’s OK if I use it on my blog. If not I’ll have to camp out and get my own photo! lol

Almost exactly ten years ago I wrote about a bad omen I received. I’ve been talking about it a lot in the days leading up to today’s good omen in the form for former Taiwan President Ma.

I’ve been thinking about making my habit to run early in the morning the last couple days. This morning is the first time I decided to do my run early and I was out of the house at 6am. As I was walking past the park near my house I was greeted with an image much like the one above in almost exactly the same spot.

As the former President jogged by he said “Good morning!” I’m certain he noticed the excitement on my face as I slowly figured out who he was.

Today isn’t the first day that Mr. Ma influenced a decision of mine.

Two months ago I decided to add Shaolin training to my routine. When I went to tag myself in the park I noticed that someone had added the Mr. Ma’s name to the park. His last name is 馬, Chinese for horse. If you didn’t know already the name of my taichi school is Black Horse Tai Chi. I had been on the fence about where I was going to teach my taichi classes until that moment. I knew the former President’s last name was Ma, but I didn’t know it was Horse until that moment!

Having Mr. Ma show up this morning was highly symbolic for me considering it was my first day out and that he had already influenced me through the spirits (of Facebook… lol)

I think I’ve been inspired to shoot for early morning runs after today! I’ve also been inspired to start my park taichi class this weekend! Thanks, Mr. Ma! 🙂


Turns out he was training for an Iron Man!


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